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Screening and characteristics of aluminum silver paste (vibration filter screen)

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Screening and characteristics of aluminum silver paste (vibration filter screen)

hight frequency vibrating screen

Vibrating screen filter mesh and configuration:

1. Screening mesh: 150 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 500 mesh

2. Material characteristics: flammable and explosive (dangerous goods)

3. Screening purpose: mainly for grading; the equipment is generally one layer, one mixing tank is equipped with 3 screening machines, the relative screening requires relatively high precision, and the requirements for the screen are very strict (uniform aperture, wire Diameter without burr)

4. Model and configuration:

SY-800 type rotary vibrating screen 1S-Q235A galvanized,

4.1. Net rack: solid picture-mother net rack; screen: military 540 factory

4.2. Material used for seals and pinball: PTFE; ball stopper material: nylon

4.3 At present, carbon steel galvanizing is mostly used (the purpose is to prevent the sprayed surface from falling off after encountering 200 # solvent oil to prevent pollutant materials), but now the benchmarking enterprises have adopted stainless steel materials for contact materials (to facilitate cleaning and aesthetics)

4.4. There are two types of excitation sources: explosion-proof motors and vibration motors. It is generally recommended to recommend explosion-proof motors to customers. The first consideration is safety, and the second is in line with national standards. The motor angle is the best: the motor is reversed.

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