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Square gyratory sifter and circular tumbler screener delivery

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Today is May.6th ,2023. One set FYBS-2040-5P square swing screen and YBS-1800-2P tumbler screening machine is loading truck and delivery to Shandong.

The working principle of the square gyratory sifter is that after the sieve machine is started, the sieve box, reciprocates back and forth under the action of inertial force, and the sieve box drives the sieve surface to periodically shake, so that the material on the sieve surface is matched with the sieve box. The plane and rotary motion is used together.

square swing screen

Features of square gyratory sifter machine

1,Easy access to the screens – operator friendly

Featuring easy to open doors from both ends, the Gyratory Screen machine makes the operators’ job easier and faster, improving your plant productivity and reducing downtime.

2,Even product distribution – much cleaner separation

With a side by side gyratory motion and a feed distributor the Gyratory Sifter industrial sifter is capable of providing a much better separation, which improves your product quality and build customer trusts.

3,Higher sieving capacity

Implementing higher frequency and adding more revolutions per minutes, this modern screening machine provides greater throughput compares with competing industrial vibrating sifters.

4,Easy-to-tension screening media

With its tension in place technology the gyratory screen makes it easier for operators to tension the screens in every deck without having to dismantle the screen decks. With hook style screens, operators can easily adjust and tension screens from outside this screening equipment – this also eliminates the need of multiple screens panels , reducing downtime.

tumbler screener

This is a diameter 1800mm tumbler screener , with 2 decks . It is used for sand sifting .

We also have 2000mm and 2200mm diameter model . And 1-5 layers design.

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