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Ultrasonic vibrating screen for screening lithium battery materials

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Ultrasonic vibrating screen for sifting lithium battery materials

Ultrasonic vibrating screen for lithium battery material technology: Lithium cobalt oxide batteries are mainly used in mobile terminals and laptop batteries. Lithium cobalt oxide has the advantages of simple production process and stable electrochemical performance. Lithium cobalt oxide batteries have the advantages of high discharge voltage, stable charge and discharge voltage, and high specific energy. They have important applications in the field of small consumer battery. But because cobalt is a scarce resource and a heavy metal, the cost is getting higher and higher. With the development of other battery materials, lithium cobalt oxide cathode materials are being replaced by ternary composite materials. But still the mobile terminal still occupies a certain position.

Commonly used battery cathode materials for lithium batteries are: lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, etc. Among them, lithium cobalt oxide, as the earliest battery cathode material, is undergoing quiet changes.

Factors that affect the service life of lithium cobalt oxide battery, in addition to the later charge and discharge should pay attention to, but also need to pay attention to lithium cobalt oxide screening process. Lithium cobalt oxide has become a headache for many battery cathode material manufacturers because of its light weight, easy to clump, and easy to block the net. In response to this problem, Xinxiang Sanyuantang Machine Co., Ltd. has specially developed an ultrasonic vibrating screen for screening lithium cobalt oxide cathode materials. The principle of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is to convert 220V, 50HZ or 110V, 60HZ electric energy into 36KHZ high-frequency electric energy, input the ultrasonic net cleaning transducer through the ultrasonic power supply, and turn it into 36KHZ mechanical vibration, so that the lithium cobalt oxide positive electrode material Huge ultrasonic acceleration, thereby suppressing the blocking factors such as adhesion, friction, leveling, and intrusion, and improving the screening efficiency and cleaning efficiency. To achieve the purpose of high-efficiency screening and net cleaning, the screening of ultra-cobalt cobalt oxide cathode material becomes easy. It truly solves the sieving problems of strong adsorption, easy to hold, high static electricity, high precision, high density and light specific gravity.

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