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Ultrasonic vibrating sieve adds magic power to garlic powder classification

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Garlic powder is a common dehydrated vegetable powder granule in the rapidly developing new era, and its application has also developed rapidly in recent years. However, the classification of garlic powder has become a more important part of the process of garlic powder production and sales. 

Of course, I am not unfamiliar with the vibrating screen manufacturer to deal with this problem, and the ultrasonic vibrating screen can easily solve this problem.

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Garlic powder itself has a certain viscosity, so it is difficult to sieve easily with an ordinary vibrating screen, so my vibrating screen manufacturer recommends using a vibrating screen equipment with an ultrasonic generator.


The garlic powder screening machine with ultrasonic generating device can not only prevent the garlic powder from clogging the screen during the screening process, but also greatly improve the production efficiency of garlic powder, which is deeply loved by customers. Next, my company worker will share with you the practical application of ultrasonic vibrating sieve in other goods, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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