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Advantage description of FYBS square gyratory sifter

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Advantage description of FYBS square gyratory sifter

  The square swing screen also called gyratory sifter. It is a new type of high-efficiency screening equipment. It is also called a reciprocating screen because of the motion of the screen box when it works; and because it belongs to high-precision screening equipment, it is also called a precision screening machine or square Precision screening machine. The square swing sieve is a screening tool that solves the traditional problem of high accuracy of the rotary vibrating screen but small output, and large output of the linear vibrating screen but low precision. The unique design of the equipment makes it have the characteristics of high screening accuracy and large output , To meet the user's screening requirements for bidirectional accuracy and output.

Advantages of square swing screen:

1. The reciprocating gyroscopic motion method quickly disperses and screens the materials

      The special reciprocating swirling motion of the square swing screen can quickly disperse the material to the screen without almost vertical vibration and jumping, small particles quickly pass through the surface of the screen, and large particles are gradually transferred to the discharge end.

2. The reciprocating ball can prevent the screen from blocking eyes

      The square swinging sieve is limited to the bouncing ball in the grid below the screen by directly hitting the screen to remove particles sticking to the screen, keeping the surface of the screen clean at all times, and the vibration generated by the impact helps the material to separate and stick together Separation of particles.

3. "Quick chuck" can automatically tighten the mesh surface and provide quick and easy screen replacement

      The quick chuck is a patented design used to automatically tighten the screen. It can fix the screen on the frame of the screen through the spring chuck. By maintaining uniform stretching force on the entire screen surface, the system has extremely high screening accuracy, reduces eye plugging, and increases the life of the screen. This design can quickly remove the screen, which is extremely Reduced downtime.

4. Stable drive system with dynamic balance design

      The power balance design of the square swing screen drive system is to make the screening motion without vibration impact, so that the system can be installed on the suspension device without affecting the screening effect.

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