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Calcium Powder Gyratory Sifter Screening Machine

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Square gyratory sifter is a low noise and high precision fine powder sieving machine. It is suitable for sieving and filtering materials such as granules, powders and slimes.

Square gyratory sifter is also known as reciprocating sieve, the vibration force generated by the drive device is around a fixed axis, the direction of a certain regular change in inertia force, the essence of the eccentric wheel rotating around the fixed axis of the reciprocating inertia force formed. Because of its inertia to drive the movement of materials to achieve the screening effect of square swing screen.

Calcium Powder Gyratory Sifter Screening Machine

Actual equipment: Double vibration source gyratory sifter machine

Screening material: Calcium powder

Test time: 1.5 t/20min

Location: Sanyuantang Machinery Co., LTD

Material powder content: 80%

Test material count: 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 120 mesh

Gyratory Sifter gyratory screen

What is Calcium Powder ?

Calcium powder (Calcium), commonly known as limestone, or stone powder, the main component is calcium carbonate, is weakly alkaline, insoluble in water, and soluble in acid. It is a common substance on the earth, found in aragonite, calcite, chalk, limestone, marble, travertine, and other rocks. It is also the main component of animal bones and shells.

The Production Method of Calcium Powder

1. The raw material of calcium powder is limestone, and in mining, it is necessary to choose a limestone mine with high calcium content and fewer impurities for mining.

2. The extracted limestone is initially broken to remove large particles with greater hardness for later screening work.

3. The crushed limestone material is sifted through a sieve to remove particles that do not meet the requirements. It can be used in our company's gyratory sifter machine, linear vibrating screen, circular tumbler screen, and rotary vibrating screen. The type of screening machine can be selected according to the screening accuracy and yield

gyratory sifter

Gyratory Sifter Solutions

Calcium carbonate powder gyratory sifter (square sieve) effectively simulates the effective principle of artificial screening movement (screening accuracy, efficiency, screen life is 5-10 times that of the conventional circular sieve), in line with all fine and ultra-fine range of powder and particulate materials, especially suitable for difficult to handle materials.

Calcium carbonate gyratory screen box in the role of inertial force for back and forth reciprocating motion, and drive the screen surface to do periodic shaking, prompting the material on the screen surface with the screen box to do directional jumping movement, smaller than the screen aperture of the material through the sieve frame to the lower layer, known as the sieve, larger than the screen aperture of the material by the continuous tumbling and jumping movement from the front discharge port, and then complete the screening operation.

gyratory sifter

Gyratory Sifter Product Features

1, reasonable design, mature technology, easy to install, easy to maintain, wide range of applications.

2、High screening efficiency, accurate screening precision, large processing output.

3、Screen replacement is more convenient and quick, higher utilization rate, longer service life.

4、Self-cleaning screen in the screening process, good effect, noise reduction.

5, the whole machine sealing effect is complete, both to reduce energy and ensure environmental protection.


The calcium powder manufacturer immediately visited our factory after learning about the gyratory sifter screening solutions we provided. And personally conducted the trial operation of the gyratory screen machine. The customer was very satisfied and ordered two units of equipment on site.

How to replace the mesh of the gyratory screen step by step?

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