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Circular Vibrating Screen

The circular rotary vibrating screen is a motor for vertical excitation source, the motor, and lower eccentric weight installed at both ends of the motor rotary motion into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three elementary motions, then the movement passed to the screen surface.
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Circular vibrating screen machine is a high-precision powder sifter machine, with low noise, high efficiency, a quick changer that takes 3-5 minutes, totally enclosed structure for grain, flour, mucus, and other materials screening filter. Commonly used in various industries, including mining, construction, agriculture, recycling, and chemical processing, etc. 

circular vibrating screen

Two-layer Circular Vibrating Screen


 Three-layer Circular Vibrating Screen

circular motion vibrating screen

Four-layer Circular Vibrating Screen


Five-layer Circular Vibrating Screen


Model Layer



Sieve mesh




SY-400 1-3 <20 3-500mesh 380 0.25
SY-600 1-3 <20 3-500mesh 580 0.55
SY-800 1-4 <30 3-500mesh 780 0.75
SY-1000 1-4 <30 3-500mesh 970 1.1
SY-1200 1-4 <30 3-500mesh 1170 1.5
SY-1500 1-4 <50 3-500mesh 1470 2.2
SY-1800 1-4 <50 3-500mesh 1750 3.0

The circular rotary vibrating screen is a motor for vertical excitation source, the motor, and lower eccentric weight installed at both ends of the motor rotary motion into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three elementary motions, then the movement passed to the screen surface. Adjust the upper and lower ends of the phase angle, the material can change the trajectory of the screen surface.

Circular Vibrating Screen Working Principle  & Design

circular vibrating screen design

The circular vibrating screen machine is fit for dry and wet sieving, classification of powdery, granular and filamentary materials and dehydration of materials. If fine sieving is required it can be satisfied by adopting high-efficiency screen mesh-cleaning device to improve the sieving. For wet sieving it is especially fit for separation of sludge (waste water) and preliminary compression of mixed matter of solid and liquid materials.

1.Filtration: Remove the particales from the liquid.

2.Grading: Classification is put powder and particles of different sizes into particles. With 1 to 5 layers of screens, one three decks vibrating screen can separate 4 zize the particle continuously,and have the narrow particle size range control.

3.Impurity: In high flow process, the machine can remove large particles or particles with lower percentage quickly.

Check out this article to learn more about circular vibrating screens working principle.

Different Circular Vibrating Screen Selection

We have different types of products to suit unique needs, and when selecting configurations and models, we will provide detailed guidance and suggestions based on your application needs.

rotary vibrating screen

Rotary Vibrating Screen

Sieving and separating materials with finer particle sizes, down to 20 microns, with minimal blocking.

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tumbler screen

Circular Tumbler Screen

It is suitable for screening and grading of various dry powdery and granular products, with large output and high efficiency.

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ultrasonic vibrating screen

Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

The separation accuracy is as low as 20µm, and the ultrasonic system generates tiny and high-frequency vibrations to prevent particles from clogging the screen.

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direct discharge sifter

Direct Discharge Vibrating Sifter

Linear vibration for high throughput, powder, granular, and coarse materials.

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Industrial Application of Circular Vibrating Screen

Chemical industry: Resin,coating,industrial drug, cosmetics,paint,and so on.

Food industry: Sugar powder,starch,salt,rice flou,milk powder,soya-bean milk,egg powder, soy souce,fruit juice.

Metal metallurgy mining: Aluminium powder, lead powder,copper powder,ore,alloyed powder,kaolin,lime, quartz sand and so on.

Polltion treatment: Waste oil,wasre water,dyeing waste water,auxilliaries ,activaated carbon and so on.

Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular Vibrating Screen Manufacturer & Supplier

Sanyuantang Machine is a manufacturer of direct sale rotary vibrating screen, is committed to providing factory price and high quality product. We offer various types of rotary vibrating screen and can customize the design and production according to customers' needs. Our aims to provide effective screening and separating solutions, and we can help customers solve practical problems in time, whether it is selection consultation or troubleshooting.

We will provide you with the following services:

1. Material and parts warehouse management services, which can help customers manage their inventory.

2. Spare parts supply program management services to ensure that our customers are able to obtain the parts they need in a timely manner.

3. We also provide machine repair and packaging services for full support.

Our goal is to provide you with products with excellent performance and reasonable price. If you have any further questions or need more information, we'd be more than happy to help. Please feel free to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible and give you the most professional guidance.

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