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Difference between tumbler screen and vibrating screen

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Difference between tumbler screen and vibrating screen

As a relatively new product in the industry, the tumbler screen / swing screen has its unique functions and certain advantages. Compared with the vibrating screen linear screen ultrasonic vibrating screen, what advantages does the swing screen have?


1. Screening efficiency


   After comparison between most manufacturers and manufacturers, the output of the shaker screen on the screen of the 30 mesh coarse material is basically the same, but the maintenance cost of the swing screen is relatively low. The output of the vibrating screen is 5-10 times that of the vibrating screen. In particular, the service life of shaking the screen with hard materials that are more severely worn on the screen can be doubled.

2. Screening area


   At present, the mature circular swing screen on the market is generally 1500mm, and the maintenance rate of models above 1500mm is very high. The main reason is that the power of the vibration motor used in the 1500mm round swing screen is large, and the material is also damaged during shielding. The larger the area, the greater the damage to the frame. If the multi-layer screening effect is worse. The swing screen uses an ordinary motor to perform a low-speed swing motion by moving the entire frame, and the main body does not vibrate, and the frame main body is not damaged. Current swing screen models range from 1000mm to 2600mm. From this point of view, the model and output range of the swing sieve are very large, which can fully meet the requirements of large-volume, high-precision customers with early requirements.

3. Maintenance rate and service life

  The tumbler screen adopts the principle of high-speed vibration. Vibration has a great destructive effect on the machine. It is easy to crack or deform after a long time. The damage to the screen is not caused by normal wear and tear, but by the vibrating screen. Vibration is caused by self-friction, and the noise is relatively large.


  The motor used in the swing screen is a vibration motor. Compared with ordinary motors, vibration motors have a short service life and high maintenance rate. The rotating screen adopts the principle of low-speed swing to ensure the service life of the equipment, reduce maintenance costs, reduce equipment noise, and make the equipment safer.

tumbler screening machine

1. Impact on materials


   As we all know, swing screens are used to screen materials through the principle of high-speed vibration. It is precisely because of high-speed vibration that the shape of the material is destroyed. Therefore, many granular crystals are not suitable for vibratory screening, such as chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, sugar, cooked food, etc. The swing sieve is a slight elliptical swing motion, without high-speed vibration, has little effect on the material, will not damage the shape of the material, and greatly improves the output of the material.


   2. Price and profitability


   On the surface, the swing screen and its accessories are relatively cheap. This is because there are many swing screen manufacturers and the competition is fierce. The price of the swing screen is infinitely close to the cost, and the price is very low. The swing screen is a new product with higher technical content. The process is more complicated than the vibrating screen, and the price is still high. However, combining the production, maintenance rate and service life of the two products, the swing screen is more affordable than the vibrating screen in the long run, it is even better, it can achieve higher output and higher accuracy.

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