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Fracturing sand square swinging screen use case explanation

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Fracturing sand square swing screen can also be applied to other industries such as: quartz sand, petrochemical filled sand, yellow sand, ceramic sand and so on.

Today, we will focus on explaining the screening points of fracturing sand square swinging screen / gyratory sifter:

First, let's take a look at the role of ceramic sand in the oil extraction industry:

(1) Ceramic sand is a very important oil fracturing agent and plays a very important role in the process of oil exploitation. When oil and gas are exploited in deep Wells, the high closure pressure and low permeability deposits are fractured to crack the oil-bearing rock, and the oil-gas flows out from the channels formed by the fractures.

(2) When ceramic sand is applied in deep well fracturing construction, ceramic sand is filled into the rock cracks of low permeability deposits for high closure fracturing treatment, so as to crack the oil-bearing rock and support the fracture not to close due to stress release, so as to maintain the high permeability of oil and gas flow. Ceramic sand can not only increase oil and gas production, but also extend the service life of oil and gas Wells.

square swing screen

When dealing with fracturing sand, we recommend square swinging screen, multi-layer design, up to 9 layers, standard model 9-layer swinging screen can be used as a double four-layer sifting machine, screen mesh number installation: 20-40-70-120 mesh, double four-layer orifice can be used in series, processing capacity up to more than 6 tons per hour, accuracy up to 99%.

The square gyratory screen of fracturing sand changes the vibration principle of the original linear vibrating screen, so that the material moves in an elliptical shape before and after, no dust flies when sifting powder, and the processing capacity is large. The design style is also relatively novel, the sealing structure is strong, can design 9 layers of powder screening channel, a single can also meet the double four-layer swing screening, processing sand can reach 6-15 tons per hour/hour, to achieve a single high output of powder screening, saving space and use cost control.

It is obvious that a square swinging screen with single entry and double exit can easily replace at least two linear screens of the same model, and obtain higher screening accuracy, which at the same time saves the compact site space.