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How to deal with the liquid that is easily broken mesh by the rotary vibrating screen?

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In the liquid filtration industry, the rotary vibrating screen is widely used, mainly because the rotary vibrating screen is easy to change the screen, easy to use and operate, and the discharge port can be adjusted arbitrarily in a 360-degree direction. It has obvious advantages such as a wide range of filtration fineness.

The screen is a consumable product of the rotary vibrating screen. Generally, the filter is used from the coarse 20 mesh to the fine 500 mesh. For example, the washed kaolin will be applied to the 500 mesh filter fineness, and the quartz sand will use the 20 and 30 mesh screen. , Customer feedback is more likely to occur during use is that the screen is sometimes easy to rot.

rotary vibrating sieve

In addition to the normal loss, there are many reasons why the screen is easy to rot. According to years of application experience, it is generally caused by the following aspects.

One: The grid structure is unreasonable, or the grid processing accuracy is not enough. After the screen is laid on the grid, it is easier to tear the screen after high-frequency vibration combined with the gravity compaction of the material, especially if the diameter of the fine mesh is relatively small. .

Two: Too much material is fed or the angle of the motor is not adjusted properly, and the material with more slag content is not discharged from the slag outlet in time, resulting in a backlog and oppressing the screen. In this case, on the one hand, attention should be paid to the reduction of the flow rate of liquid materials, and on the other hand, the included angle of the motor should be adjusted in time to make the sieve material be discharged out of the sieve machine in time.

Three: The vibration motor is too large and does not match the model. The power of the motor is not the bigger the better. It is necessary to ask the customer about the screening and filtering details when purchasing, and consider it in combination with the production situation and material characteristics.

Four: The ring bolts at the grid frame are not tightened. During the use of the rotary vibrating screen, it should be checked frequently whether the lock is loose or whether the screen machine has abnormal noises.

rotary vibrating screen

The above points are the main reasons for the accidental damage of the screen under abnormal conditions. Please take into account the situation of the rotary vibrating screen in the production place for frequent maintenance, so that you can rest assured and satisfied with the equipment you use.