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How to replace screen mesh for square swing screen correctly ?

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How to replace screen mesh for square swing screen correctly ?

After a period of use of the square swing screen, the screen and other components will be worn to a certain extent, resulting in a reduction in the screening efficiency. The screen plays an important role in the screening effect, so it is of great significance to replace the screen in time for effective screening of materials. Let us explain how to quickly replace the screen in a short time.

First of all, we need to understand the structure of the square swing screen, including screen box, screen mesh, screen frame and U-shaped groove. These parts need to be taken care of when replacing the screen. Screen replacement work begins with at least two people working together, and the equipment must be disconnected from the power source to ensure safety at work.


  The specific operation is as follows: open the screen box, pull out the screen plate, and pull out the screen frame along the U-shaped groove. In this step, pay attention to the same force on both sides when pulling out, otherwise the screen frame may be deformed or damaged. Remove the damaged mesh from the screen frame and place a new one. When installing the screen, pay attention to the installation position and tension. Improper tension will affect the normal screening work. If the tension is too small, it will cause the relaxation of the screen. If the tension is too large, the life of the screen will be shortened.