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How to solve the circular vibrating screen leakage powder material ?

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How to solve the circular vibrating screen leakage powder material ?

 The application range of circular vibrating screen is very wide, and its shadow can be vaguely seen in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. But it is often the case that the leakage phenomenon is caused by improper operation. So how to do a good job of sealing the equipment and prevent material leakage? Sanyuantang customer service will find the following solutions for you:

  To prevent the circular vibrating screen from leaking, it is necessary to add seals between the circular vibrating screen and the screen frame, between the bottom frame and the vibrating body, and between the mesh frame and the screen frame. According to the difference of each device, the corresponding model can be selected, such as: U-shaped, V-shaped, etc. Even if the model is different, the purpose of its function is the same to prevent material leakage!

  As a circular vibrating screen manufacturer, we are often consulted by customers, mainly to screen some powder and granular materials. If these seals are missing, the connection will not be tight enough, which is obviously disadvantageous for the equipment. , these materials flow to the outside of the machine through the gap or some materials fall into the finer materials through the gap at the edge of the screen surface, so that mixing will occur. Once it is scattered to the outside of the equipment, it will not only cause the loss of materials, but also have a certain impact on the production environment, causing environmental pollution, which will affect the screening effect to a large extent, and the screening of materials is not clean enough. Through the above situation, the circular vibrating screen with seals can not help but prevent material leakage and can effectively save and protect the environment.

  The above is the solution to how to prevent the leakage of circular vibrating screen.