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Plastic Corrosion Protection Vibrating Screen

Plastic Corrosion Protection Vibrating Screen completely adopts non-metallic materials from the screen frame, screen and cleaning device, which eliminates the problem that some special materials will produce chemical reactions in contact with metal. Is the current effective solution to the oxidation, corrosion of steel material screening, impurity removal, filtering program, and ensure that the material in the screening process will not deteriorate.
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Circular vibrating sieve  

Polypropylene corrosion prevention plastic vibrating screen

My company design and development of Plastic Corrosion Protection Vibrating Screen is specially designed to solve some special materials and Q235 ordinary carbon steel and SUS304 stainless steel material after contact easy to produce oxidation, corrosion and other problems. The part in contact with the material is made of polypropylene anti-corrosion material, which is an effective solution to the screening, impurity removal and filtration of materials with oxidation and corrosion of steel.

Plastic Corrosion Protection Vibrating Screen

How is it different from traditional sieving?

Comprehensive analysis The production efficiency of using vibrating screen may be 5-10 times higher than that of manual screening, and the product accuracy will also increase by more than 95%. This is the difference between traditional manual screening and Sanyuantang vibrating screen operation. Electric screening machine (vibrating screen) effectively improves product quality and saves production costs.

Comparison of manual screening and screening equipment

Why use it to sieve?

We have many casesSolid-liquid mixing. Take soybean milk as an example, there are often granular solid beans in it, and the rotary vibrating sieve can achieve solid-liquid separation very well, achieving a satisfactory effect for the enterprise.Sieve out impurities. If there are large particles in the powdery material, the rotary vibrating sieve can quickly sieve them.Size grading. We have dealt with grain, quartz sand, insects, etc., and we divide the rotary vibrating screen into one layer, two layers, three layers, etc. The more layers, the more grades of materials screened out, and the finer they are. Thick and fine materials can be separated, and large and small materials can be separated.

Rotary vibrating screen can solve these problems


One three-dimensional vibrating screen and filter can continuously separate and screen products, and use multiple layers to separate and screen six groups of products with different particle sizes at one time without inconsistent particle size ratios.

Liquid removal

This equipment is used in single-layer or multi-layer, which can effectively process solid and liquid mixed materials, quickly realize solid-liquid separation, and filter out different target materials.

Impurity removal

This equipment can quickly separate a large amount of materials by removing small parts of different sizes.

Stainless steel rotary vibrating screenCarbon steel rotary vibrating screenPlastic Corrosion Protection Vibrating Screen

We have very rich design experience

We will choose the material of the equipment according to your situation, customize the size or add other functional configurations

Non-standard custom rotary vibrating screen

Rotary vibrating screen product parameters

We support the design of products according to the requirements of factory production

 Schematic diagram of rotary vibrating screenRotary vibrating screen product parameters

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