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Precautions for vibrating screen installation

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What are the precaution for vibrating screen installation ?

1. Installation precautions:

1) If the equipment is installed on a platform, please pay attention to the strength of the installation platform, and there should be no resonance problems.

2) The four installation fulcrums of the equipment must be on the same level.

3) Keep a distance of at least 100mm between the surroundings of the equipment and other objects.

4) The connection between the equipment and the upper and lower process equipment must be a flexible connection, please pay attention to the material.


2. Daily maintenance of equipment:

1) For the initial operation of the equipment, the first 7 working days is the test operation stage of the machine. Please check the equipment every day and adjust the regular inspection time according to the condition of the equipment during the test operation stage. The scope of inspection includes: the tightness of the fastening bolts of each part (such as: ring bolts, motor fastening bolts), and whether the screen (screen plate) is fatigued or damaged.

2) When handing over a shift (8 hours/shift), the staff please tighten the fasteners (bezel bolts, bottom grid bolts);

3) Strictly follow the instruction manual of the vibration motor to replenish the grease in a reasonable and appropriate amount on a regular basis. Bearings use 3# Great Wall lithium base grease, please check and maintain every 300 hours.

4) The installation of the vibration motor: the installation of the vibration motor should be carried out with a torque wrench. Note that each fixing bolt cannot be fastened in place at one time. It must be tightened to a good condition several times on average. The fixing bolts are 8.8 high-strength bolts.

5) The screens are inspected every shift. It is recommended to determine the service life of the screens through use, and replace the screens regularly during the dangerous period. Case: The service life of the screen for two consecutive times is 40 days. It is recommended to replace the screen within 35 days.