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Rotary Vibrating Screen for Improving Screening Efficiency of Acrylic Powder

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Rotary Vibrating Sieve for Improving Screening Efficiency of Acrylic Powder

An American company specialized in creating high-quality acrylic powders for a diverse range of cosmetic products, and demand for their products was steadily increasing. According to the requirements of customers, we provide customers with rotary vibrating screens that can improve the screening efficiency of acrylic powder.

rotary vibrating screen

Customer Requirement

The customers required an hourly output ranging from 100kg to 200kg, with different mesh sizes (106 microns, 90 microns, and 75 microns). The specific gravity of acrylic powder is about 1.2-1.8, and the fluidity is good.

1. Used for screening acrylic powder

2. The bottom material of the machine is carbon steel, and the contact material is stainless steel

3. Number of screen layers:3-layers

4. Screen mesh size:104 microns, 88 microns, 74 microns

5. Capacity:100kg/h--200kg/h

Customized Solution for Enhanced Productivity

After discussion with the technical staff of the company, suggested a ultrasonic vibrating screen with a diameter of 800mm-3 layers,

rotary vibrating screen

75 Microns: Ultrasonic Assistance

The 75-micron mesh size can help in tackling the finer particles that often proved challenging to screen accurately. The ultrasonic vibrations gently nudged the particles through the screen mesh, ensuring a thorough and accurate separation process.

rotary vibrating screen

90 Microns and 106 Microns: Bouncing Ball Mechanism

To address the 90-micron and 106-micron mesh sizes, a bouncing ball mechanism was introduced. These larger particles could be effectively separated using the bouncing action of the balls against the screen. This technique not only enhanced the efficiency of the screening process but also minimized the risk of mesh clogging.


The customized rotary vibrating screen with its three-layer design, ultrasonic assistance, and bouncing ball mechanism enabled the company to achieve the desired hourly outputs of 100kg to 200kg while consistently meeting the specified needs.

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