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Rotary Vibrating Screen

Rotary vibrating screen machine is a high-precision powder grading machine,low noise,high efficiency, quick changer takes 3-5 minutes,totally enclosed structure,for grain,flour,mucus and other materials screening filter.
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Description of rotary vibrating screen

Rotary vibrating screen machine is a high-precision powder grading machine, with low noise, high efficiency, a quick changer that takes 3-5 minutes, and a totally enclosed structure, for grain, flour, mucus, and other materials screening filters. Rotary vibrating screen is a motor for a vertical excitation source, the motor and lower eccentric weight are installed at both ends of the motor rotary motion into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three elementary motions, and then the movement passes to the screen surface. Adjust the upper and lower ends of the phase angle, the material can change the trajectory of the screen surface. 

rotary sieve

The circular vibrating sieve machine is fit for dry and wet sieving, classification of powdery, granular, and filamentary materials, and dehydration of materials. If fine sieving is required it can be satisfied by adopting a high-efficiency screen mesh-cleaning device to improve the sieving. For wet sieving, it is especially fit for the separation of sludge (wastewater) and preliminary compression of mixed matter of solid and liquid materials.


1. Filtration: Remove the particles from the liquid.
Grading: Classification is putting powder and particles of different sizes into particles. With 1 to 5 layers of screens, one three decks vibrating screen can separate 4 sizes of the particles continuously and have the narrow particle size range control.
Impurity: In a high-flow process, the machine can remove large particles or particles with lower percentages quickly.

Applicable industry of rotary vibrating screen

Chemical industry: resin, coating, industrial drug, cosmetics, paint, and so on 

Food industry: sugar powder, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder,soya-bean milk, egg powder, soy sauce, fruit juice.

Metal metallurgy mining: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloyed powder, kaolin, lime, quartz sand, and so on.

Pollution treatment: waste oil, waste water, dyeing wastewater, auxiliaries, activated carbon, and so on.


Model Layer (s) Granularity (mm) Sieve mesh

Effective diameter


Power (kw)
SY-XZS400 1-3 <20 3-500 mesh 380 0.25
SY-XZS600 1-3 <20 3-500 mesh 580 0.55
SY-XZS800 1-4 <30 3-500 mesh 780 0.75
SY-XZS1000 1-4 <30 3-500 mesh 970 1.1
SY-XZS1200 1-4 <30 3-500 mesh 1170 1.5
SY-XZS1500 1-4 <50 3-500 mesh 1470 2.2
SY-XZS1800 1-4 <50 3-500 mesh 1770 3.0


vibro screen


screen sieve 1

The proper selection of the tumbler vibrating screen depends on the material, number of layers, every mesh size, capacity, material moisture, viscous and corrosive, etc:

1. Screening material: _____

2. How many layer(s):_______

3. Every mesh size:______ mesh . ______ mesh.______ mesh...

4. Capacity: :________t/h

5. Moisture, viscous, corrosive ________

6. Voltage:______V, Frequency:______HZ, 3 phase

7. Mild steel(Q235A), SS304, or SS316

Please tell us your production needs, and we will reply to you ASAP. 

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