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Round Vibrating Screen

Round vibrating screen also called as circular vibrating screen, with circular appearance, is a kind of high-precision fine powder screening equipment, which can be used for screening and filtering granule, powder, mucus and other materials. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, metallurgical powder, paint, ceramic slurry and other industries.
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Round Vibrating Screen

Round vibrating screen also called as circular vibrating screen, with circular appearance, is a kind of high-precision fine powder screening equipment, which can be used for screening and filtering granule, powder, mucus and other materials. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, metallurgical powder, paint, ceramic slurry and other industries.

3 Types of Round Vibrating Screen

Round vibrating screen in the material can be divided into the following three types: stainless steel vibrating screen, carbon steel vibrating screen, Anti Corrosion Plastic PP vibrating screen.

Standard Round Vibrating Screen

Standard round vibrating screen, the screen body frame is made of stainless steel, and the base is made of carbon steel. The stainless steel frame provides corrosion resistance and high strength, while the carbon steel base provides stable support. This design can handle various types of materials and environments. Mainly used for screening particles, powders, etc. The smallest sieving is 500 mesh or 0.028mm, and the smallest filtration is 5 microns. Grading and screening, it can screen one to five layers of mesh, and can perform two to six levels of sorting or filtration at the same time, with a grading accuracy of over 98%.

Stardand round Vibrating Screen

Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen

Stainless steel vibrating screens are commonly used for screening and filtering of powders, granules, liquids and other materials. They are commonly used in food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Stainless steel vibrating screens are rugged and easy to clean and maintain for food grade and pharmaceutical grade applications.

Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen

Carbon Steel Vibrating Screen

Carbon steel rotary vibrating screens offer durability and corrosion resistance and are commonly used in demanding industrial applications such as pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical processing.

Cabon Steel Vibrating Screen

Anti Corrosion Plastic PP Polypropylene Vibrating Screen

The Anti Corrosion Plastic PP Polypropylene Vibrating Screen completely adopts non-metallic materials from the screen frame, screen and cleaning device, which eliminates the problem that some special materials will produce chemical reactions in contact with metal. Is the current effective solution to the oxidation, corrosion of steel material screening, impurity removal, filtering program, and ensure that the material in the screening process will not deteriorate.

plastic Vibrating Screen


1. Wide application: essence and mucus can be sieved, 1-5 layers of screen mesh filtration, sieving range is 5~500 mesh.

2. Unique mesh frame design, easy to change the mesh (only 3-5 minutes), simple operation, easy to clean.

3. Fully sealed structure can ensure that the mesh is not blocked and the powder does not fly.

4. Discharge port can be adjusted 360 arbitrarily, impurities, coarse material automatically discharged, 24 hours continuous operation.

5. Portable design, small size, space-saving, easy to move.

6. It can be designed according to the user's demand, such as adding edge type, gate type, powerful type, sealed type, etc.

Round Vibrating Screen Working Principle

The working principle of round vibrating screen is made of vertical motor as the excitation source, and there are eccentric hammers installed at the upper and lower ends of the motor, which transforms the rotary motion of the motor into three-dimensional horizontal, vertical and inclined motion, and then transmits this motion to the screen surface. Adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower ends can change the trajectory of the material on the screen surface, because of its vibration principle of operation is also known as the "three-dimensional vibration screening filter".

round vibrating screen working principle

Classification Screening

Rotary vibrating screen can solve these problems


One three-dimensional vibrating screen and filter can continuously separate and screen products, and use multiple layers to separate and screen six groups of products with different particle sizes at one time without inconsistent particle size ratios.

Liquid removal

This equipment is used in single-layer or multi-layer, which can effectively process solid and liquid mixed materials, quickly realize solid-liquid separation, and filter out different target materials.

Impurity removal

This equipment can quickly separate a large amount of materials by removing small parts of different sizes.

Application of Round Vibrating Screen

Chemical industry: resin, paint, pigment, rubber, carbon black, activated carbon, co-solvent, glue powder, yuanming powder, polyethylene powder, quartz sand and so on.

Medicine: Chinese medicine powder, western medicine powder, medicine raw material powder, etc.

Foodstuffs: sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, starch, milk powder, soybean milk, rice flour, dehydrated vegetables, fruit juice, fish meal, food additives and so on.

Kiln industry: glass, ceramics, porcelain slurry, grinding materials, refractory bricks, kaolin lime, mica, alumina, calcium carbonate and so on.

Metal metallurgy: lead powder, zinc oxide, titanium oxide, casting sand, adamantine powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, various metal powders, etc.

round vibrating screen application

Round Vibrating Screen Parameters

Model Effective diameter Screen size Layer Power(KW)
380 mm
2-500 mesh
1-3 layers
0.25 kw
580 mm
1-3 layers
0.55 kw
780 mm
1-4 layers
0.75 kw
970 mm
1-4 layers
1.1 kw
1170 mm
1-5 layers
1.5 kw
1470 mm
1-5 layers
2.2 kw
1770 mm
1-5 layers
3 kw

round vibrating screen

Custom Round Vibrating Screen

We can customize different types of vibrating screens according to your requirements and offer competitive prices. If you want to know more about vibrating screening equipment, please contact us.

custom round vibrating screen

Round Vibrating Screen Manufacturer

Sanyuantang Machine is a professional manufacturer and factory of round vibrating screens in China. we have excellence in manufacturing technology and innovative manufacturing concepts, the company has increased and become one of the production bases of vibration machinery in China.

round vibrating screen manufacturer

round vibrating screen manufacturer

round vibrating screen manufacturer


How to use the round vibrating screen?

1. Must be uniform feeding: the feeding amount to meet the equipment processing capacity shall prevail. Too much material at one time, hindering the normal movement of the material on the screen surface, not only easy to make the screen mesh fatigue loose, but also will greatly reduce the material handling capacity. Give a large amount of material at one time, will make itself in the unbalanced operation of the motor load suddenly increased, resulting in motor damage, reduce motor life. If the amount of material to reach the handling capacity of the equipment, that is, a waste of energy, but also reduces the output.

2 must be installed buffer hopper, the material directly impact on the mesh surface, not only to consume the vibration source produced by the excitation force, more likely to cause mesh damage and screen fatigue, which affects the yield and screening and filtering output.

How is it different from traditional sieving?

Comprehensive analysis The production efficiency of using vibrating screen may be 5-10 times higher than that of manual screening, and the product accuracy will also increase by more than 95%. This is the difference between traditional manual screening and Sanyuantang vibrating screen operation. Electric screening machine (vibrating screen) effectively improves product quality and saves production costs.

Comparison of manual screening and screening equipment

Why use it to sieve?

We have many casesSolid-liquid mixing. Take soybean milk as an example, there are often granular solid beans in it, and the rotary vibrating sieve can achieve solid-liquid separation very well, achieving a satisfactory effect for the enterprise.Sieve out impurities. If there are large particles in the powdery material, the rotary vibrating sieve can quickly sieve them.Size grading. We have dealt with grain, quartz sand, insects, etc., and we divide the rotary vibrating screen into one layer, two layers, three layers, etc. The more layers, the more grades of materials screened out, and the finer they are. Thick and fine materials can be separated, and large and small materials can be separated.

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