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Sieve mesh commonly used in flour sieving machine

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Mesh mesh commonly used in flour sieving machine

Flour sieving is usually 12 mesh 20 mesh, 24 mesh, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh. The use of a vibrating screen mainly removes impurities such as thread ends, stones, bran, eggs, iron nails and the like contained in the material. The models of flour shaker for processing flour are: 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800; the parts in contact with the materials must be made of 304 stainless steel or 316L.

   The working principle of the flour vibrating screen is that the vertical motor is used as the excitation source. The eccentric weights are installed on the upper and lower ends of the motor to convert the rotary motion of the motor into three-dimensional motion of horizontal, vertical and tilt, and then transmit this motion to Sieve surface. Adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower ends can change the material's trajectory on the screen surface.

   The flour shaker produced by our company is specially designed for starch materials such as flour, instant flour, potato starch, corn starch, wheat starch, cellulose, soybean, peanut protein, tapioca starch and derivatives of starch materials The sieving equipment is different from the rotary sieve sieve and circular sieve sieve used in the same industry. The sieve efficiency and output are slightly better! Flour vibrating screen can be used for sieving, removing impurities, loose materials, etc., to meet the 24-hour continuous production and large processing requirements.

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