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Square swing screen :start-up work

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Square swing screen must be placed on a level ground or a level workbench. The installation must be firm, and the equipment cannot be shaken due to looseness during work. The base of the swing screen can be fixed with expansion screws. Repair it; adjust the unloading position to avoid contamination of peripheral equipment when unloading; 


Check the sundries in the screen frame before use, prohibit feeding; after turning on the power, make sure the material rotates clockwise; after checking that everything is normal, restart the motor. Wait for the machine to run smoothly after 3 minutes, then load. Observe the running state, there is no abnormal sound in the operation of the square swing screen; the base is fixed firmly, the fasteners are not loose, the screen body swings flexibly; the V-belt is moderately tensioned. The feeding operation requires uniformity. Do not attempt to clean, oil or adjust while the equipment is running.