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The solution to the slow discharge of the square swing screen

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The solution to the slow discharge of the square swing screen

The slow discharge of the square swing screen during the production process will directly affect the production efficiency of the enterprise. SanYuanTang Machinery will help you.

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1. Square swing screen wrong model

An error occurred during the selection by the factory. The power of the square swing screen cannot meet the actual production requirements, resulting in slow discharge and low production efficiency. Therefore, when choosing a square swing screen, be sure to inform the manufacturer of the materials and output requirements that need to be screened, and do not affect production due to the wrong model selection.

2. Check whether the screen and outlet are level or too high

The location of the screen and the location of the discharge port can also cause slow discharge. Different materials have different designs for the height of the outlet. Users can make adjustments according to the materials they filter. For details, please consult the swing screen manufacturer to help you solve it.

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3. Adjust the swing eccentric distance

By adjusting the swing eccentric distance, the distribution of materials on the screen surface can be improved. This adjustment is slightly complicated. You can consult the manufacturer's professional character for guidance.

4. The screen machine is not placed in parallel

If the square swing screen is not level when it is placed, the level of the discharge port is higher than that of the incoming material, so that the material on the screen cannot be discharged in time, and the discharge is slow. In this case, just adjust the height of the feet.

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