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Tumbler screening machine is widely used in the battery cathode material industry

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What kind of screening equipment is generally used for the screening of cathode materials for lithium batteries? tumbler screening machine, as a hot product in recent years, has been fully used in chemical, food, medicine and other fields. Why does everyone choose the tumbler screening machine? tumbler screening machines are more efficient than traditional vibrating machines and can be used in many different areas.

tumbler screening machine

There are four common cathode materials for lithium batteries

1: Lithium manganese oxide

There are two kinds of lithium manganate, one is lithium manganate positive electrode material, the other is lithium permanganate positive electrode material, the elements are exactly the same, usually we will use modified lithium manganate is lithium permanganate The positive electrode material, the product is spinel type, and the layered type has rarely been seen.

Lithium permanganate is mainly made of lithium carbonate and EMD. It can be seen from the main components that lithium permanganate is more friendly to the environment and has relatively high safety performance, but its cycle performance is not good enough. If the cycle performance increases to 2000 About times, the energy density will be reduced to 100mAh/g accordingly. So this degree needs to be customized by lithium battery engineers.

2: lithium cobalt oxide

Lithium cobaltate cathode material is a kind of lithium cobalt oxide, which is a kind of gray-black powder. It is usually used in 3C electronic products because it has a high compaction density of 4g/m3, and Relatively speaking, the synthesis is very simple, and many companies choose lithium cobalt oxide in the selection of cathode materials.

When lithium cobaltate is used as the positive electrode material, there are three different states: layered structure, spinel structure, rock-salt phase structure, and its energy density can reach 270mAh/g in the experimental state. But the actual energy density can only reach 140mAh/g, and the cobalt resource is limited and the price is relatively expensive.

3: Lithium iron phosphate

Lithium iron phosphate is a kind of lithium iron oxide. Sometimes we like to call it iron lithium cathode material. It is an orthorhombic olivine structure. The specific capacity of this structure is basically the same as the theoretical value, at 170mAh /g. The main user of lithium iron phosphate cathode material is BYD Company, because the cycle number of lithium iron phosphate can reach 2000 times, basically the battery made into it can be charged once a day, 360 times a year, and can be used for nearly 7 years. One of the more perfect cathode materials at present, and another advantage of lithium iron phosphate cathode material is that it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.

4: Ternary material

Ternary materials are divided into two types, and their structures are almost the same. Here, only one is used as an example, nickel-cobalt lithium manganese oxide cathode material. This ternary material has the advantages of lithium cobalt oxide and lithium nickel oxide. The advantages of lithium manganese oxide combine the advantages of the three, but the overall stability is also reduced.

Tumbler screening machine working characteristics

1, the use of ordinary motor as a power source, the service life is several times higher than the vibration motor.

2. The screen surface can be conveniently installed with a variety of cleaning devices, which can effectively solve the problem of blocking the screen surface and ensure the continuity of screening. Five different efficient cleaning devices are available for you to choose, such as: bouncing ball cleaning net surface, rolling brush cleaning net surface, jet cleaning net surface, elastic scraper cleaning net surface, ultrasonic technology cleaning net surface.

3, the use of low frequency and small load work, the acceleration is 4.5 times lower than the vibrating screen, the vertical acceleration value of the material particles is low, so that the screen is not easy to damage to extend the service life of the screen is conducive to improving the service life of equipment, reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

4, relative to Rotary Vibrating Screen, Linear Vibrating Sieve Screen and other traditional screening equipment can reach up to 5 times the unit area processing capacity.

5. Low noise. Noise is as low as 75dBa, one-fifth that of other screening devices such as shakers.

6. Convenient disassembly and assembly. Round building block type assembly structure, easy to assemble and disassemble. Discharge port can be rotated 360 degrees at will.

7, clean health, bounce ball clean net surface, clean health, to ensure the continuity of screening. Fully closed operation, more environmental protection.

8, long life, low vertical acceleration value of material particles, soft rock screening, so that the screen is not easy to damage, greatly extend the service life of the screen and other parts.

9, protect the material, soft rock screening, will not damage the original structure of the wool particles, not easy to generate static electricity, flammable and explosive material screening is a good choice.

10, high efficiency, effective imitation of manual screening action and process, the material on the screen surface presents gradually open spiral motion, the material and screen mesh precision contact, screening accuracy up to 90-95%!

tumbler screening machine operating principle

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