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What are vertical vibrating spiral elevators

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What are vertical vibrating spiral elevators

The vertical vibrating spiral elevator is a kind of vertical lifting equipment. Compared with other lifting and conveying equipment, it has the advantage of good protection of the shape of the material. The conveying capacity is less than 4t/h and the height is less than 8 meters.

This machine can transport all small granular, small block, powdery solid materials vertically upwards or downwards.


Advantages of Vertical Vibrating Spiral Elevator

1. The conveying is stable, and the shape of the material is highly protective.

2. Small footprint, simple and convenient operation and maintenance.

3. Double pipe support system, strong carrying capacity.

4. Water-cooled, air-cooled, and double-cooled structures can be added to achieve a cooling effect.

vibrating spiral conveyor 1

air-cooled vibrrating spiral elevator

Basic configuration of CZ vertical vibrating spiral elevator

1. The conveying trough is open.

2. The equipment material is usually Q235, or the parts in contact with the material are made of 304, 316L stainless steel, and others are Q235.

3, equipment height ≤ 8m.

4. Lift and convey vertically upwards.

CZ vertical vibrating spiral elevator can increase functional configuration

1. The conveying groove is sealed, or a canvas dust cover is added outside the whole machine.

2. Cooling and increasing function: water cooling, air cooling, double cooling.

3. Conveying materials vertically downwards.

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