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Direct Discharge Sifter Machine

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The direct discharge sifter, also known as a direct discharge vibrating sieve or vibro flour sifter, is a circular vibrating sieve used specifically for sieving and screening fine powder materials. It is commonly referred to as a flour sieve because of its frequent use in the food industry, particularly for sifting flour to remove impurities and achieve the desired particle size.

direct discharge vibrating sifter

Double-Motor Direct Discharge Sifter

This type of direct discharge sifter is equipped with two motors, which provide dual vibration sources.

The presence of two motors generates a vortex motion of the material on the surface of the screen. The material moves in a circular pattern due to the combined effect of the dual vibrations.

The double-motor design enables the direct discharge of materials from the sieve automatically. The vortex motion helps facilitate the smooth and continuous flow of material out of the sieve.

This sifter is suitable for applications where a high throughput and automatic discharge of screened materials are required.

direct discharge sifter

Single-Motor Direct Discharge Sifter

In contrast, the single-motor direct discharge sifter is equipped with a single motor, providing only one vibration source.

The material primarily moves up and down on the surface of the screen due to the single vibration source. The movement is relatively simpler compared to the vortex motion of the double-motor sifter.

Unlike the double-motor sifter, the single-motor direct discharge sifter does not have an automatic discharge function. The material may need manual assistance or a separate mechanism to be discharged from the sieve.

This sifter is suitable for applications where moderate throughput is sufficient, and manual discharge of screened materials is acceptable.

Both types of direct discharge sifters are used for sieving and screening fine powders, and they share common features such as the bottom discharge port. However, the presence of one or two motors and the resulting motion pattern differentiate their capabilities, especially in terms of discharge function and capacity. The choice between the two types depends on the specific requirements of the application, including the desired throughput, level of automation, and discharge process.


Model Power(kw) RMP(r/min) Sieve   diameter(mm)
SYTD-600 0.18 1460(960) 520
SYTD-800 0.25 720
SYTD-1000 0.37 890
SYTD-1200 0.55 1090
SYTD-1500 0.75 1390

Working Principle

direct discharge sifter working principle

The working principle of the direct discharge sifter involves the use of vibration to separate and classify materials. It is designed to efficiently sieve and screen fine powders, granules, and other materials. Here's how it works:

Material Feed: The material to be sieved or screened is fed into the direct discharge sifter through an inlet or hopper.

Vibration Generation: The direct discharge sifter is equipped with one or two vertically mounted motors, depending on whether it's a single-motor or double-motor sifter. These motors produce vibrations that are transmitted to the sieve deck or screen mesh.

Sieving Surface: The sieve deck or screen mesh is the surface on which the material is placed for screening. The vibrations from the motors cause the sieve deck to vibrate in a vertical or circular motion.

Vortex Motion: The combination of vertical and circular motion generated by the vibrating motors induces a vortex motion of the material on the sieve surface. This motion helps to evenly distribute and disperse the material across the screen, ensuring efficient screening.

Particle Separation: As the material is agitated by the vortex motion on the sieve deck, finer particles pass through the openings of the screen mesh (undersize) and are collected as the screened product. Larger particles that do not pass through the mesh are retained on the sieve surface (oversize).

Discharge: In the case of a double-motor direct discharge sifter, the automatic discharge function comes into play. The vortex motion and agitation of the material allow for continuous and smooth discharge of the screened material from the sieve. The material flows out from the bottom discharge port without the need for manual intervention.

Features of The Direct Discharge Sifter

  • Bottom Discharge Port: One of the primary features of the direct discharge vibrating sifter is its discharge port located at the bottom of the sieve. This unique design allows for increased discharge particle size and volume, resulting in a larger processing capacity compared to ordinary circular vibrating screens.

  • High Capacity: Due to the bottom discharge design, the direct discharge sifter can handle a significantly higher capacity, typically ranging from 2 to 5 times that of an ordinary circular vibrating screen. This increased capacity makes it ideal for applications requiring large throughput of fine powder materials.

  • Rough Screening and Impurity Removal: The direct discharge sifter is well-suited for rough screening of materials, including the removal of impurities. It efficiently separates oversized particles and impurities from the main product, ensuring a high-quality final product.

  • Efficiency and Hygiene: In the food and pharmaceutical industries, the direct discharge sifter is preferred for its efficient sieving process and hygienic design. The equipment helps maintain product purity and complies with stringent hygiene standards.

  • Compact Design: The direct discharge sifter is known for its compact and space-saving design. Its low profile and compact structure allow for easy integration into existing processing lines, making efficient use of available space.

direct discharge sifter

Applications of Direct Discharge Sifter

The direct discharge sifter finds applications in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemical, agriculture. and can be used to screen and filter various materials, including:

  • Powders: It is suitable for screening and filtering different types of powders, such as medicine powder, milk powder, starch, carbon powder, graphite powder, etc.

  • Granules: It can handle granular materials like fertilizer, salt, seasoning, monosodium glutamate (MSG), etc.

  • Liquids: The sifter is also capable of screening liquids.

ultrasonic vibrating screendirect discharge sifter

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