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  • Q Frequently asked questions about material transfer system

    1.What material will you convey for?
    2.What is the size of your material ?
    3.Bulk Density: _____kg/m3 or ____g/cm3 .  If convinient,please attach your raw material photo.
    4.Level or inclined?  Discharge outlet height?   
    5.What's your output capacity per hour?
    6.Do you need add a hopper, if it is, please tell me the hopper volume you want ? _____L
    7.Stainless steel 304/316 or carbon steel ?
    8.FOB price or CIF price? If CIF price,please tell me the destination port.
  • Q Frequently asked questions about vibrating screen equipment

    A Please provide me the following information as you can, i'll recommend suitable equipment with a detail quotation.
    1.What is your raw material?_____ (It is better is you provide me photos)
    2.Bulk density_____kg/m3 or ____g/cm3       Moisture is about _____%
    3.Screen layers:_____ layers.
    4.Screen mesh opening size, A:____ mm . B:____ mm. C:____ mm
    5.The proportion of materials per layer?  About_____% is A material.   About_____% is B material.   About_____% is C material.
    6.Output capacity:________kg/ hour
    7.Voltage:____V, Frequency:____HZ, 3 phase
    8.All made of SS304/316 stainless steel ? Only contact material part is SS304/316 ?  Or all made of carbon steel Q235?
    9.Sea port name or address for shipment.
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