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Gyratory Sifter Machine for Ceramic Sand Screening

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Gyratory Sifter Machine

Gyratory sifter machine is a type of screening equipment used for the separation and classification of powders and granular materials. When it comes to calcium powder, a gyratory sifter can be used to effectively separate the fine particles from the larger ones, ensuring a consistent particle size distribution. The gyratory screen machine is particularly useful for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing where precise particle grading is essential.

Gyratory Sifter Machine for Screening Calcium Sand Powder 

Actual equipment: Double source gyratory sifter machine

Screening material: calcium sand powder

Output: 15t/h

Material powder content: 95%

Test material count: 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 70 mesh, 120 mesh

gyratory sifter

The role of ceramic sand in the oil extraction industry

(1) Ceramic sand is a very important oil fracturing agent and plays a very important role in the process of oil exploitation. When oil and gas are exploited in deep Wells, the high closure pressure and low permeability deposits are fractured to crack the oil-bearing rock, and the oil gas flows out from the channels formed by the fractures.

(2) When ceramic sand is applied in deep well fracturing construction, ceramic sand is filled into the rock cracks of low permeability deposits for high closure fracturing treatment, to crack the oil-bearing rock and support the fracture not to close due to stress release, to maintain the high permeability of oil and gas flow. Ceramic sand can not only increase oil and gas production but also extend the service life of oil and gas Wells.

gyratory screen

Advantages of Ceramic Sand Gyratory Sifter Machine

1. The reciprocating rotary mode of motion quickly dispersed ceramic sand screening Urea square swinging screen special reciprocating rotary motion can be in almost no vertical vibration and jump in the case of ceramic sand quickly dispersed to the screen, small particles quickly through the mesh, and large particles are gradually transmitted to the discharge end.

2. Reciprocating the ball can prevent screen plugging.

The bouncing ball in the box under the screen is used to remove the particles stuck to the screen by directly hitting the screen, so that the screen surface is always clean, and the vibration generated by the impact helps to separate the ceramic sand and the particles stuck together.

3. Smooth drive system, and with power balance design.

The dynamic balance design of the ceramic sand Gyratory Sifter Machine drive system can make the screening movement without vibration impact so that the system can be installed on the suspension device without affecting the screening effect.

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