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Linear Vibrating Screen Material Flow And Reasons

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Linear vibrating screen in the use of the process often appears in the discharge of materials, sometimes the material deviation phenomenon, the main reasons for this phenomenon are:

Linear Vibrating Screen

1. Shock absorber spring problem: The four corners of the linear vibrating sieve are supported by four shock absorber springs, which on the one hand play a supporting role, and on the other hand also play a tilt Angle of the screen box. Once the spring has a problem, it will cause the material to run off or not go. For this problem, the spring can be checked regularly, and once it is found that the spring is broken, stop the machine immediately for replacement and adjustment.

2. Motor excitation force asymmetry: the power source of the linear screen is provided by two horizontal vibration motors, and when the motor has a problem, the material will not go. The problem checks whether the motor phase Angle is the same, whether the eccentricity of the eccentric block of the two motors is the same, and the motor steering;

Linear Vibrating Screen

3. Insufficient progress of screen mesh: When the linear screen is produced for a long time, due to the impact of the material on the screen when feeding, the screen is relaxed, causing the material to concentrate in the relaxed position of the screen. The problem can be monitored at all times in the production of the screen state, once found that the screen is slack or damaged should be stopped immediately for replacement.

Every qualified piece of equipment can not be separated from the scientific design, reasonable layout, fine production, and effective debugging.

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