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rotary vibration screen for Ceramic micropowder

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Ceramic micropowder is a lightweight non-metallic multifunctional material, which can be used in anti-corrosion, fire-proof, high-temperature resistance, powder, architectural coatings and various industrial and civil coatings, especially suitable for high-gloss semi-gloss coatings and other additives, and can replace titanium The amount of white powder can eliminate the phenomenon of light flocculation caused by the use of titanium dioxide, prevent the coating from yellowing, and reduce the production cost of enterprises.

                                                         Ceramic powder vibrating screen, cleaning and classifying impurities


The daily capacity of 10 tons of ceramic powder vibrating screen is more favored by users. With a daily output of 10 tons, the equipment runs for an average of 8 hours a day, so an hour is 1.2 tons, so what is the price of a vibrating screen that meets this condition? What is the corresponding device model? Brief introduction in the text.


                                 Motor power: 1.1kw              Processing capacity: 1-5t/h

This type of vibration screen is set within the range of 1-5 tons capacity, and the daily operating time is within 8-16 hours. According to the standard working hour of 10 hours, the daily output is just 10 tons.