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Tumbler Sieve Design and Manufactured by Sanyuantang Factory

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This is a high-precision and high-efficiency tumbler sieve machine produced by our company. It cleverly simulates the principle of manual screening movement. Compared with the traditional vibrating screen, the noise level is greatly reduced by the way the moving parts swing left and right. At the same time, it reduces the damage to the screening products and brings a more comfortable working environment for users.

tumbler sieve

The circular tumbler sieve has flexible and diverse cleaning devices, such as bouncing balls, cleaning brushes, ultrasonic screening, etc. The use of these cleaning devices effectively avoids material clogging and improves screening efficiency and durability.

Circular tumbler sieves have wide application prospects in industrial production. Its high-precision screening capacity can meet the needs of various industries, including mining, chemical, food processing, and other fields. By accurately screening out the products that meet the requirements, not only the production efficiency is improved, but also the production cost is effectively reduced.


Tumbler Sieve Woring Principle

Design: The machine consists of a tumbler screening machine deck that is inclined slightly to facilitate the movement of particles across its surface. The screen deck is divided into multiple sections or levels, each with its own mesh size.

Infeed: Material to be screened is introduced onto the center of the screen deck. The machine's design allows for even distribution of material across the screen surface.

Rotary Motion: The circular tumbler screen deck is set into a gyratory motion. It typically rotates on a vertical axis, causing the material to move in a circular and tumbling motion.

Inertial Vibration: In addition to the rotary motion, the machine imparts multi-plane inertial vibration to the material. This dual motion—rotary and vibrational—helps to achieve better particle separation.

Particle Separation: As the material moves across the screen deck, particles smaller than the mesh openings fall through the openings and are collected as undersize material. Larger particles continue to move along the deck.

Multiple Levels: The machine often has multiple screen decks stacked on top of each other, each with progressively smaller mesh openings. This allows for multiple stages of particle separation in a single machine.

Outlet and Discharge: Depending on the desired separation, particles may exit the machine at various points along the screen deck. Oversize particles can be collected as separate fractions.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The circular tumbler screen machine is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Quick-release clamps and access doors are often provided for cleaning or changing screens.

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