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Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen in Garlic Powder Process Application

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This customer sent us an inquiry from Alibaba, wanting to consult ultrasonic vibrating screen for screening garlic powder. After communicating with the customer, we understand that the vibrating screen has a wide range of applications in the removal of impurities and grading of garlic. Whether it is garlic powder or garlic flakes, garlic granules or the whole garlic grading and screening can be quickly screened out using vibrating screen. Garlic screening commonly used vibrating screen has circular rotary vibrating screen and square linear vibrating screenand so on. Generally, garlic powder uses rotary vibrating screen to remove impurities, but garlic particles, garlic slices or the whole garlic and other large particles need to use linear sieve for grading.

Garlic powder has a certain degree of viscosity, and it is easy to stick to the net, it is difficult to use ordinary vibrating screen, so we customized the design of the ultrasonic vibrating screen program for customers.

ltrasonic vibrating screen

Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen for Screening Garlic Powder

Ultrasonic vibrating screen can be installed according to the needs of 1-6 layers of screen, and the size of the vibrating screen can be customized according to the size of the handling capacity. The ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen used for garlic removal and grading is generally made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and does not contaminate the material. You can also choose carbon steel or PP plastic and other materials.

ultrasonic vibrating screen

ultrasonic vibrating screen

Below, let's learn about the screening process of garlic powder.

Garlic Powder Sieving Process


Select the garlic with yellow leaves and stalks, large head, white clove flesh, no pests and diseases, no mechanical damage as raw materials, use circular rotary vibration sieve to eliminate the garlic with small head, pests and diseases or mechanical damage to the clove flesh.


Wash the selected garlic with water and peel the cloves, then put them in cold water to soak for about 1 hour, rub off the skin, pick up the garlic cloves and drain the remaining water.


Put the drained garlic cloves into the pulper or grinder for pulping. Pulping, garlic cloves in 1/3 of the water; pulping, with coarse gauze filter slurry, remove residual skin and other debris.


1, can be pressed with a fine cloth like pressing tofu to remove water;

2, can be used to remove water by squeezing oil press type;

3, you can use the centrifuge for sugar production, at about 12,000 revolutions per minute, centrifugal separation to remove water. But the general requirement is to quickly remove the water once, can not be delayed, ultrasonic vibrating screen manufacturers to prevent the garlic pulp flavor affecting the quality. At the same time, the tool must be rinsed immediately after use, so as to avoid odor in the next use.


The wet garlic powder that has been dehydrated is immediately flattened on the baking tray, and then the baking tray is put into the baking room to bake. The baking room should maintain a constant temperature of about 50 ℃, about 5 hours of baking, until the wet garlic dry to be able to hand-crushed into noodles can be.


The dried garlic powder will be crushed by pulverizer while it is hot, and sifted with garlic powder vibrating sieve, so that the garlic powder is uniformly fine flour, that is, the finished product of garlic powder.


After the garlic powder is tested and qualified, add dried ginger, peel, pepper, dashi, cinnamon, cumin and so on according to the specified proportion, mix and evenly loaded directly into the food plastic bag or moisture-proof kraft paper bag printed with trademark, name, factory name, factory address and so on, and then sealed tightly and then packaged in boxes, i.e., it is the mixed seasoned garlic powder required by foreign business.

Garlic Powder Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Solutions

  • Model: SYC-1200-2S

  • Material: all stainless steel

  • Layer: two layers and three outlets

  • Sieve mesh: 0.5mm, 0.2mm, below 100 mesh

  • Sieving output: 1.2 tons/hour

ultrasonic vibrating screen

Why Choose Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen?

The screening effect of ultrasonic vibrating screen is finer than ordinary rotary vibrating screen, which utilizes high-frequency low amplitude ultrasonic vibration wave to inhibit adhesion, friction, drooping, wedging and other network obstruction factors, and solves the problems such as strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high electrostatic charge, high fineness, high density, light specific gravity screening problems.

The working principle of ultrasonic vibrating screen is to utilize ultrasonic generator to transform ordinary electric energy into high-frequency, low-amplitude electric energy. So that the ultrasonic transducer in the process of motor startup constantly knocking the screen, to prevent the garlic powder from clogging the screen, improve the production efficiency of garlic powder.


Garlic Powder Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Features

  1. Excellent screening capacity and higher screening accuracy, realizing high-precision screening, screening accuracy can be increased by 1-70%, and output can be increased by 0.5-10 times.

  2. No need to clean the screen with rubber ball to prevent re-contamination caused by rubber abrasion.

  3. Truly solves the problem of screening materials with strong adsorption, easy to clump, high static electricity, and light specific gravity.

  4. Ensure that the characteristics of the screened material remain unchanged.

  5. Digital signal input to realize automatic frequency tracking.

  6. High transducer energy conversion efficiency.

  7. 24 hours continuous work, control power supply and transducer without cooling.

  8. The transducer and screen are connected by screws, easy to disassemble and clean.

  9. Separate structure with resonance ring, good effect and long screen life.

  10. It can screen 25μm powder and filter 10μm liquid.

  11. Effectively prevent screen clogging, difficult to screen materials will hardly clog the screen. Able to control a narrow range of particle size.

  12. Glued mesh fixed mesh frame without pollution, no dead angle, uniform force, easy to replace.

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