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Vertical Discharge Vibrating Screen Separator

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Vertical discharge vibrating screen separator

Vertical discharge vibrating screen separator is also called straight row vibrating sifter, divided into single vibration source and double vibration source two kinds, the bottom of the large flow outlet, inlet and outlet designed in the same vertical direction, the finished product under the screen quickly through the screen, reduce the material in the screen surface residence time, discharge quickly, large capacity, easy to combine with the production line.

Mesh: 200 mesh Output: 30 tons/hour

Optional type: single motor/double motor (can be feed port heightened, discharge port with butterfly valve and other shaped customization)

Application scope: It is mostly used for rough screening and precision screening of granular powder in flour, starch, washing powder, metal powder, additives, chemical industry, non-mineral and other industries.

direct-discharge vibrating screen

During flour preparation, the flour formed by grinding will be mixed with wheat bran. In addition, when the finished flour is used for instant noodle processing, biscuit processing, and noodle processing, the flour will be mixed with large particles of impurities such as certification and packaging thread that accidentally fall into the flour. Usually, the content of impurities is about 1-5%, to quickly remove these impurities, choose the straight row sieve as the flour sieve, at this time the general sieve mesh requirement is 18 mesh or 20 mesh.

vibrating screen separator

Sanyuantang direct-discharge vibrating screen uses the exciting force provided by the vibration motors installed on both sides of the sieve to drive the flour to move up and down on the sieve surface, and adopts a direct discharge method, and the sieved flour directly passes through the screen below. The discharge port is discharged, which is in line with the requirements of rough removal of impurities and high output of flour.

We also can provide perfect screening line for you . The direct discharge vibrating screen can work with dust-free feeding station , vacuum conveyor .Reach dust free sieving and conveying .

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